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Twilight Teeth Whitening Kit - 25 U.V. accelerated teeth whitening system, whitens while you tan, Includes teeth whitening light, no rinse teeth whitening gel, and mouthpiece

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Manufacturer Description

Yes, whitening your teeth is now one of the easiest and most cost effective procedures you can do to improve your appearance. Now you can obtain whitening results that only Dentists could achieve, as well as save time and money. Use Twilight Teeth during your tanning session or on the go with our convenient P6 Whitening Light.
Twilight Teeth brings you the same whitening process used in dental offices, but in a special kit, complete with a small, comfortable mouthpiece, and a simple application process with an enjoyable mint flavor. This convenient, no-rinse process allows you to go about your day the moment you remove the mouthpiece.
Twilight Teeth is quickly absorbed during your tanning session and whitens effortlessly while you tan. For best results teeth should be clean before treatment and do not eat or drink for 15 minutes after tanning session.
Whiten in the tanning bed: Just prior to tanning, place the mouthpiece in. Make sure your smile is exposed and visible through the front of the mouthpiece. With mouthpiece in place apply whitening gel to natural teeth only. Twilight Teeth will only whiten natural teeth.
Twilight Teeth will not harm crowns, caps, and other types of dental work; during application make sure not to get the gel on your soft tissue gums and lips. With the mouthpiece in place and gel applied you are ready to tan!
Any UV bed will produce positive results. For best results use in a premium tanning bed with facial tanners for at least 8 to 20 minutes. Swallow normally during treatment and no-rinsing is required. Twilight Teeth will leave a thin minty film on your smile and dissipates a few minutes after your tanning session. Simply take the mouthpiece out and go about your day, you're done!

Product Features

The Twilight Teeth Whitening System brings you the same whitening process used in dental offices, but in a whitening kit that can be used during your tainning session or on the go with the P6 whitening light. The kit includes a powerful UV light that speeds up teeth whitening, comfortable mouthpiece, and no-rinse, mint whitening gel. The teeth whitening gel contains a 25% concentration of whitening agents. Twilight Teeth whitening gel also includes special polymers to dry and adhere to teeth during the tanning session and whiten throughout the day long after you have left the salon. Just prior to tanning, place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Make sure your smile is visible through the front of the mouthpiece. Apply the whitening gel to your natural teeth, avoiding your gums and lips. With mouthpiece and gel in place, you are ready to tan. For best results, use in a tanning bed for at least 6 minutes, up to 30 minutes OR at home until you reach the whitening effect you desire. Twilight teeth starts working in as little as six minutes. For best results, teeth should be clean before treatment and do not eat or drink 15 minutes after tanning session or at home. You will notice results after your first tanning session!

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