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Whiter Smile Labs Teeth Whitening Kit - Dentist Recomended 38% Teeth Whitening Gel - High Intensity, Sensitivity Free, Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitener Gel Syringes! Made In USA Same Teeth Bleaching Gel Your Dentist Uses, Recommends, and Sells. NOT Cheap

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Manufacturer Description

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit. Whiter Smile Labs specializes in Custom Dental Lab DIRECT products. Our 38% specially blended, High Intensity Teeth Whitening Gel is the BEST selling concentrated gel on the market. Use half the amount compared to other gels being sold for less money and use for just 15-30 minutes at a time, that's it! Not hours like others. Our clients report ZERO teeth sensitivity or gum irritation, like you get from cheap Chinese gel. Simply follow the easy instructions in the kit and you will not experience any sensitivity. Whiter Smile Labs Remineralizing gel is formulated to strengthen your enamel, restore essential vitamins and nutrients and eliminate sensitive teeth . Also included is our precision gel applicator tip. Completing our at home teeth whitening kit is our "warm and form" teeth whitening trays they are quickly made at home, and are high quality and comfortable to wear. Our Industry leading 38% teeth whitener is designed to work faster than 22% 35% and 44% and is safe for your enamel. Our gel does NOT require a mini LED light, Dentists confirm that it will not "Enhance gel results" in any way..

ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE DIRECT FROM OUR FDA COMPLIANT USA LAB. Online retailers that are distributing for Unregulated Chinese companies are selling inferior products, who knows what you are getting? This is Professional strength gel, designed and used by Dental Professionals, For Dental Professionals. Zero Discomfort, Real Results, FAST!

Why Whiter Smile Labs? For years we have been the leading supplier of dental lab direct products, allowing our clients to skip the dentist visit and save money. Remember low cost = low quality, expired gel Don't let cheap gel fool you. We stand behind our products 100% with a full money back guarantee! Orders are shipped FAST AND FREE SAME Day. Customer Satisfaction is #1! We offer 24 hour customer support Via email and phone 9-6 EST Please enjoy your new smile!

Product Features

Teeth Whitening Kit includes a set of the highest quality Upper and Lower Teeth Whitening Trays 2- 10 ml 38% premium carbamide peroxide teeth bleaching gel syringes. FREE SAME DAY FAST SHIPPING! Whiter Smile Labs Professional Teeth Whitening Kit also includes 2 of our unique Remineralization gels (often called Desensitizing gel) Great for restoring vitamins and essential nutrients to your teeth, designed for clients with over sensitive teeth, giving them the ability to whiten their teeth at home pain free. Our Boil and Bite, Thermo Form teeth whitening trays are easy to make in minutes! Free storage case included, Our clients report 6-10 shades whiter in a single treatment cycle, 6-7 days, ONLY 20-30 MIN A DAY! Includes Enough Gel For 2-3 Cycles, each 7-10 days Our Teeth Whitening Gel Is Made Fresh Every 7 Days, NEVER sits on a shelf, stays fresh for up to 2 years refrigerated... MADE IN USA GEL, OTHERS ARE SELLING TUBES OF CHEAP Chinese Gel, In a LOW grade syringe... Our dental lab Uses The HIGHEST Quality Syringes That Includes Our Precision Gel Applicator/Dispenser Tip, takes the guesswork out of how much teeth whitening gel to apply! No need to worry about applying too much gel. When it comes to teeth whitening kits you always get what you pay for, and with our lab direct products you do, Guaranteed! Have questions? We are here to help 24 hours a day! , sold only by us. Get the white smile you are looking for today!

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