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Rapid Results Teeth Whitening Kit - Includes Stain Remover 35% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Pen - Powerful MAXX 16-LED Light Accelerator - Teeth Strengthening & Sensitivity Reducing Gel by StyleSmile

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#1: For best results, whiten your teeth before bed and after you have brushed your teeth.
#2: Always make sure your teeth and whitening tray are clean then dried before using. Moisture could reduce the effectiveness of the whitening gel.
#3: Less gel is more when it comes to whitening. More gel will not increase the whitening process; it will however waste your gel and could increase sensitivity.
#4: Remove excess gel that gets on your gums. Hold the tray with one hand and wipe any excess gel off with your finger, tissue or Q-tip.
#5: For optimal results, whiten your teeth up to 30 minutes a day, for up to 14 days.
#6: At least 1-2 hours after whitening, do not smoke or consume staining foods or beverages. After you whiten your teeth, they become temporarily more porous, making them easier to stain.
#7: Staining foods and beverages rule of thumb: if it can stain a white shirt, it can stain your teeth. Items include: coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce, berries etc.
#8: Help reduce coffee and tea from staining your teeth by using a straw (once liquid has cooled down) and by adding milk or cream to your beverage.
#9: Use our pen for a quick touch-up in between treatments. Also use the pen to target those stubborn yellow teeth on the sides and bottom of your mouth by only applying whitening gel on those troubled areas.
#10: Take care of your new pearly whites with a healthy oral hygiene routine: brush your teeth often, floss daily, rinse with mouthwash and use our pen in between whitening treatments.

Boost Your Confidence Today by Gifting Yourself with the Brightest, Whitest Smile You Can Have!

Product Features

REMARKABLY BRIGHTEN YOUR SMILE - It can take years before the outer layer of your teeth show signs of staining. But once discoloration sets in, it's tough to get the enamel white again. The results often means covering your mouth when laughing or smiling with closed lips. Even conversations can make you feel self-conscious. That's why StyleSmile created an ultra powerful Teeth Whitening Kit with 35% carbamide peroxide. So you can smile, laugh and talk confidently after several applications. STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGIES - We didn't hold back when creating the Hyperion 16 LED bulb whitening accelerator. It's built with a 20,000 hour lifespan and activates our teeth whitening gel process. We went even further by using a modern material Thermoform for our trays so they perfectly form to your mouth offering the best possible whitening outcome. We added a 3 adapter feature to turn iPhones, Androids and USB ports into battery sources. You'll never have to search for a battery again. REMINERALIZE & DESENSITIZE GEL - Our USA laboratory combines only the highest quality teeth whitening, non-GMO ingredients. The team at StyleSmile formulated a highly effective potassium nitrate gel to reduce sensitivity. By applying our gel post-whitening, this strengthens the enamel, replenishes vital minerals and restores natural vitamins to your teeth. PROFESSIONAL RESULTS AT HOME - The StyleSmile Teeth Whitening Kit has made teeth whitening at home absolutely affordable and incredibly convenient. Effortlessly whiten your teeth while watching TV, using the computer, reading or simply relaxing. Great for anyone who needs to multi-task. While you're focused on a project, our whitening gel simultaneously works to clean your teeth and remove years of accumulated clinging stains. Achieve professional results in less time at a fraction of the cost. MAINTAIN WHITE TEETH ON THE GO - At StyleSmile, we know how important that last minute quick teeth whitener can be. Just take our handy whitening pen with you everywhere. Whether you're maintaining that healthy, pearly white smile or in between treatments; you can target those stubborn spots that seem to pop up out of nowhere or refuse to disappear. The small sized stain remover whitening pen makes it convenient for on the go touch-ups to dramatically increase your teeth's whiteness.

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