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Dr. Whitening Natural Teeth Whitener System,Tool Kit for Surface Teeth Stain Reduction/Removal in Minutes.Use on Coffee,Tea, Tobacco Stains.Feel Confident Smiling and Feel Happy with Dental Clean,Whiter Teeth.Enamel Safe Tooth Polisher.Dentist Recommended

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Manufacturer Description

At Home Nano Whitening Kit: Simple and Effective Treatment For Fresh Whiter Teeth And Radiant Smiles In Seconds

Do you want a chemical Free teeth whitening solution with no sensitive teeth?
Do you want clean, white teeth without surgery?
Do you want to remove plain dental stains fast without expensive dental cleanings?

The Dr Whitening advanced Nano Whitener Brush is the perfect solution.

Using Nano Technology to remove plaque with zero peroxide, Dr Whitening offers beaming whitening power to eliminate Surface stains,without machines or LED lights, perfect for home use.
Unlike messy Syringes,Cheap Blue UV light,moldable night mouthpiece trays,baking soda pastes,idol brush pencils and charcoal powder paint repair kits, the Nano Whitening Brush is quick and easy for a pro white smile and restoration of teeth's natural shade!

More benefits include:

• Polish, Cleans and removes stains simply,resulting in permanent bravo bright luster teeth and healthy gums.
• Uses Custom Patented Nano power swabs for deeper instant sheer teeth whitening glo power
• Special top 3d crest stain removers for brilliant twilight pearl opulence teeth.

• Gentle on sensitive teeth, childrens teeth, Crowns, nite veneers, removing stains without causing tooth sensitivity like Bleach wash or zoom hydrogen bleaching used by Rembrandt, Georges, watts, song and perfecta. No Aches or painful teeth
• Simple, convenient, light and easy-to-use without irrigators,accessories,plastic toothpicks, tanning bed lamp or tool set. Saving you the hassle of 2hr whitening herb treatments plus protection from dental diseases!

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Product Features

QUICK , EASY AND SIMPLE TEETH WHITENING SOLUTION: tired of orthodontic whitening instruments, tools, picks and cheap guards? Our Solution includes the equipment you need for premium hygiene plus dental gum care, for unbeatable whitening you can monitor with a chart! EFFECTIVE ON COFFEE AND TOBACCO STAINS: perfect for cleaner, stain free super mirror shine model teeth for women and men, without using harsh cleaning tools and ultrasonic scrubs, great for quick emergency whitening! SIMPLE and CONVENIENT 4 You: no more expensive dental laboratory tools, strips, gel pen, stainless steel scrapers or comfort fit nite whitening kits, our simple convenient brush provides the perfect wide spectrum beaming laser smile. GETS INBETWEEN TEETH: no more poh or bridge floss or 35 dental sticks, our brush gets in between teeth with an easy glide, unlike cheap unwaxed dental threader flossers for healthy gums. ZERO TEETH SENSITIVITY AND ENAMEL SAFE: enamel safe, for a holistic 3m and Oral B quality clean using our premium dental tech without expensive technician tools and 15 water brushes, for a brilliant shine! Click add to Cart

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