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Best Custom Teeth Whitening Kit: Custom Fit Mouth Trays, 8-Tubes of 22% Carbamide Peroxide Gel (Made in the USA)Highest Quality Whitening Gel at the Lowest Possible Price, Easy to follow instructions

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Manufacturer Description

People choose Novawhite's Supernova whitening kits because with our home tooth whitening solutions, you get the COMPLETE package: the materials you need; easy, step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what to do; and the satisfaction that you are dealing with a provider that has a trusted name when it comes to quality and customer service. Novawhite also realizes that different people have different tooth whitening needs thats why we have come up with various professional tooth whitening kits. Theres always one that will suit YOUR needs. Each 22% Supernova Collection Kit Contains: 8, 5mL syringes of 22% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, 1 Set of Preloaded Impression Trays, 1 Tray Retainer Case, and Easy to Follow Step-By-Step Instructions. You Get Exactly What Suits You Professional Custom-Made Bleaching Trays. All of our bleaching trays are made by experienced dental lab technicians. Our customized tooth whitening trays and tooth whitening gels are specifically designed to be so comfortable you wont even know they are there. In fact, you can just go about your day and carry on with your regular activities while undergoing tooth whitening. Whiten at home, at work, in the car anywhere you choose! Be Ready to Flash Your Brilliant Smile Consistent Tooth Whitening Results. Our custom trays are fabricated with a special 1mm reservoir that is essential for optimum tooth whitening results (yet neglected in many teeth whitening products!). This reservoir ensures that the entire tooth is immersed and in constant contact with the active ingredient of the tooth whitening gel, producing consistent whitening results. This is of particular importance for the spaces between the teeth, the tops of your teeth, and even on the back side of your teeth (which affects the way light travels through the tooth and thus the visible shade of the tooth). Put simply, the 1mm reservoir of our home tooth whitening kits ensures the thorough whitening of your teeth.

Product Features

CLINICAL STRENGTH 22% carbamide peroxide for your teeth + peppermint oil for a slight minty flavor - our #1 customer is Dentists Offices - take advantage of their knowledge and whiten at home. At 22% we are the closest to a zero peroxide teeth whitening kit you can come while still containing the best teeth whitener known- carbamide peroxide gel. THIS TOOTH WHITENING GEL is guaranteed to leave your teeth whiter, as if you had used paint, by removing stains from wine, coffee, tea, smoking and other teeth staining agents. Have confidence when people zoom in on your smile! MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility - NovaWhite formulates the most effective teeth whitening products on the market - NovaWhite products work & they work extremely well - We guarantee you'll get results!

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